Apache and NodeJS on the Same Server

Jul 15 2016

Apache NodeJS Systems Backend

Running Apache and NodeJS on the same server is simple. On my development machines I run a virtual document root so adding new domains can be done without restarting apache.

Chosen Select Create New Value

Jun 18 2016

jQuery jQuery Plugin Frontend

Once in a while I use a great jQuery plugin from Harvest called Chosen. It is design to make selects and multi selects a lot more user friendly.

Migrate/Upgrade Joomla 1.0 to Joomla 2.5

Oct 18 2015

Joomla Migrate CMS

I am always looking for a new challenge and not too long ago one presented its self to me that I couldn't turn down. I was browsing the local news sites and one of them was down. I wasn't given a maintenance page or an error message so I moved on.


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